Something In The Loft
The Fenton, Leeds
Thursday March 4th, 2010

Very lovely evening, great atmosphere and the other bands were a treat (lovin' that X-Ray Cat Trio). I was still suffering from the worst man-flu I've battled with in ages but Big Pharmacutical blasted out my sinuses in the nick of time. We played a tidy little set without major incident and Rob found a fascinating new octave to sing Will You Miss Me in. Many thanks to those who clapped at us and said nice things afterwards, and also to whoever made the cracking ginger cake. There was a chap with a posh looking camera snapping at us while we played so hopefully some pics will surface soon.


  1. Rocket to the Moon
  2. Will You Miss Me
  3. Kevin Bishop's Italio Calvino's Implosion
  4. Roundhay Garden Scene
  5. Success
  6. O! Superman!
  7. You Don't Miss Your Water
  8. Blue Tigers


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