Audio recordings

Bound for Glory. Rehersal recording from 28th October 2009.

Practice session recordings from 4th August 2009, done at Rob's place.


Our set from BarCamp Sheffield. Recorded live at the Showroom Café Bar, Sheffield on Saturday November 29th 2008. See the gig page for more information.


The PARADEDAY! recordings from Saturday 11th October 2008 done in Kev's living room. You can see and hear the full list of songs but we would gently direct your attention in particular to the following. There are also videos of a few songs on YouTube.


Practice session recordings from 23rd September 2008.


Practice session recordings from 4th March 2008. There's an audio recorder on Louisa's digital camera. We put it in the corner and turned it on. Isn't technology great?


Practice session recordings from February 2007. We had a load of mics and whatnot and recorded these live.


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