The Packhorse, Leeds, Tuesday December 15th, 2009

Fun evening with cracking support from John Yates doing that stuff he does on the guitar and thoroughly entertaining everyone. We gave our first public airing to no less than 4 (and no more than 4, actually) new songs and bought the tenor banjo and John’s ukulele out for the first time too. Thanks to everyone who came, many of whom were ’Parade virgins prior to the night. Hope to see you all again soon. (But apologies to Ukulele Bitchslap for taunting them.)

We tried to record the audio but technology betrayed us. Happily though there were attendant geeks with posh still and video cameras so we should get some evidence the whole thing happened at all soon enough.

Oh and the golden bag was eventually recovered, by the way, in case you were still worried.


  1. Just Like Woody Guthrie
  2. Becoming Mark Kermode (a love song by The Gillroyd Parade)
  3. Kevin Bishop’s Italio Calvino’s Implosion
  4. Tales of Father Brown
  5. The Ice Hotel
  6. Gravel Pit
  7. Wait for the Light to Shine
  8. Roundhay Garden Scene
  9. Where Did You Sleep Last Night?
  10. Rocket to the Moon
  11. Blue Tigers
  12. Bound for Glory
  13. Kazoo Man


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