Mentil Lentil - Cloth Cat chaos and caberet event
The Chemic Tavern, Woodhouse, Leeds
Saturday January 24th, 2009

Crackers evening ("Mental" in fact) but fun and good. Couple of new songs played live for the fist time without major mishap and with the welcome musical assistance of Jessica Slap.

Did you know it's actually possible to squeeze 800+ people into the Chemic? It is. They did it. And we all got out alive.


  1. Kazoo Man
  2. O! Superman!
  3. Becoming Mark Kermode (a love song by The Gillroyd Parade)
  4. Tales of Father Brown
  5. Talkin' Mobile Blues Again


Event Flyer
(click for a bigger version)

Rob, Kev, John, performing at Mental Lentil
Photo by Trina.

Rob, Kev, John, and Jess performing at Mental Lentil
Photo by Trina.


These following pics taken by Cloth Cat photo bug Lily Vendetta:

Rob, Kev and Jess performing at the Chemic

Rob playing the kazoo
The talented Mr Utley part 1: Kazoo!

Rob playing the harmonica
The talented Mr Utley part 2: Harmonica!

Rob playing the Theremin
The talented Mr Utley part 3: Theremin!

John at the drumkit
John. Determinedly not playing the sparkley red drums.


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