The 2nd Annual Report of The Gillroyd Parade
The Packhorse, Leeds
Saturday May 16th, 2009

Smashing evening. Thanks extra much to Ukulele Bitchslap for their charming set, Jess and Jenny for the vegan and non-vegan cakes respectively, Alex the very excellent sound engineer and - naturally and extra most - to everyone who came to see us, hope to see you again soon.


Set 1

  1. F'Oldin' Money
  2. Becoming Mark Kermode (a love song by The Gillroyd Parade)
  3. Success
  4. Tales of Father Brown
  5. Kazzoo Man
  6. Daddy
  7. 2020 Vision
  8. Charity Ball
  9. Freight Train

Set 2

  1. The Gillroyd Parade
  2. When I Lay My Burden Down
  3. Kevin Bishop's Italo Calivino's Implosion
  4. O! Superman!
  5. My Shoes Keep Walking Back to You
  6. Lost Highway
  7. Bound for Glory
  8. You Don't Miss Your Water
  9. Just Like Woody Guthrie
  10. Blue Tigers
  11. Talkin' Mobile Blues Again


Gig flyer

Ukulele Bitchslap

Jessica Slap

Beverly Slap

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