Ukulele Bitchslap

Leeds greatest ever all female ukulele covers band and frequent gigging complanions of The Gillroyd Parade.

Ukulele Bitchslap were Born out of a mutual appreciation for alcohol, silly songs and an all round lack of interest and ability in playing full-sized instruments.

Ukulele Bitchslap started out as two girls (Jess Slap and Bev Slap) in the living room getting pissed and reinventing songs of the past. But now, having survied a few public performances, they have given in to peer pressure (and 'Parade pressure) to upload some songs and generally let the internet know about them.

The Gillroyd Parade strongly urges you to go have a listen and a looksee, then invite them to come play at your birthday party.


The Gillroyd Parade are powered by tea.